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Academy of Singapore Teachers

  • 04 May 2023

Teacher Academies provide professional development for educators. 12,755 square foot open plan combines the cafeteria with the library to enhance communication, collaboration, and teamwork. This design makes it easier for educators to work together on projects, share knowledge, and experience, brainstorm and discuss curriculum development and still counting on. It is included with a teachers’ lounge, breakout area and a discussion room equipped with video conferencing facilities, which is perfectly suited for a normal day or pandemic situation. Well-designed facilities and amenities ensure that every learning opportunity is fully utilised to achieve the desired outcomes. The discussion room can be used for different purposes, such as combining 2 rooms into one for conferences, group projects, and training exercises. Apart from the educational facilities, the academy also created area where teachers can focus on strategic planning, unwind, and relax. The choice of seating provides a chance for idea exchange and learning to happen. Openness, harmonious colour, the choices of seating and the high and low of the cabinet reflect well with the teaching spirits. With transparency, and respect for differences, we can create a better environment.