who we are

Welcome to ANB Studio, where we redefine workspaces through innovative design and thoughtful renovations. As a leading office interior design and interior renovation consultancy based in Singapore, we take pride in transforming ordinary workplaces into extraordinary environments that inspire creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of drafting and design services encompasses 3D drafting services, 2D drafting services, BIM drafting services, and CAD drafting services, ensuring precision and innovation in every project. 

From pre-lease service to meticulous reinstatement work, we specialize in office reinstatement, offering seamless transformations and optimized spatial utilization. Our expertise extends to workplace design and build, where we bring visions to life by integrating functionality and aesthetics.

Atoms N Bits Studio Pte Ltd.
Atoms N Bits Studio Pte Ltd.

what we do

Elevate your workspace with our expert commercial interior design services in Singapore. Our team of skilled interior designers specializes in creating innovative and functional office environments. 

From office renovation to pre-lease services and efficient office reinstatement work, we tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. 

Transform your office into a dynamic and inspiring space that enhances productivity and reflects your corporate identity. Trust us to deliver exceptional designs that go beyond aesthetics, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality for your business.

our services

Our services include Workplace Strategic Planning, Workplace Design and Build, Workplace Design Consultancy, Project Management, Reinstatement Work, CAD Drafting Services and Pre-Lease Service.