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Leading Commercial Interior Design Company

We are specializing in transforming spaces with our dedicated team of interior designers. Allow us to enhance your office interior design, leaving a lasting impression through our carefully curated selection of exquisite décor. Elevate your workspace with our expertly chosen final touch items, reflecting character, style, and warmth. Our services also extend to office renovation in Singapore, providing pre-lease services and office reinstatement work to ensure your space embodies your unique personality.

Atoms N Bits Studio Pte Ltd.

space is always fluid

We envision the office as a living space, no longer just a container for work.

We meet, work and play in a conducive environment that we proudly call ours.

We understand that space should always be fluid and that expectations evolve. Therefore, our commercial interior design firm ensures that areas are malleable and are capable of undergoing occasional transformation.

With AnB, we ensure enjoyable, straightforward, and successful office renovation and commercial interior design in Singapore.


The Final Finishing Touch by Interior Designers

Selecting the appropriate or ideal furniture/ display for commercial interior design is absolutely essential. 

Our interior designers ensure your space has a complementary design, material and finish.

The right decision is the final finishing touch to the workplace that lights up and embellishes the entire atmosphere.


our services

Our services include Workplace Strategic Planning, Workplace Design and Build, Workplace Design Consultancy, Project Management, Reinstatement Work, CAD Drafting Services and Pre-Lease Service.


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